Dear Kole and Stane,

There's no water. We haul it from across the city.

A man hauls water containers while daydreaming about beer.

Shells keep falling. We've perfected our rescue techniques.

A mouse swoops into a hole in the wall while dragging a man clinging to its tail.

Many intersections still have to be crossed running. Traffic lights are replaced with warning signs.

Caution sniper!

People running across a street, passing by a

Almost all of the trees in the city were cut down for firewood last winter. There's only a few left. I saw one of them (a small birch tree) near the faculty of veterinary medicine. There was a sign on it:

If you cut this birch down, it will be the last one you'll ever cut.

The last tree left standing in the park, a small birch with a sign